DIY Little Fit


Is this not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? I stumbled across the idea while looking for funny gifts to give my coworker for her birthday. She sometimes has pretty rough days at work and we always vent to each other. So, I thought this would be not only funny but a super cute gift for her. She absolutely loved it.

Fast forward to the next month and her grandkids are in town visiting. They find her fit and she explains to them what it is, they LOVE it. She told me they were fighting over it. So of course I’m going to make them their very own little fits.

I never thought this would be the first DIY I posted, but considering how cute and simple it is, how could it not? I’ll post the poem that goes with it at the bottom so you have that as well!

What you need:IMG_0126

  • Any kind of yarn, the thicker the better. (This is a great project for any scrap yarns you have!)
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon/extra string (optional)


Step OneIMG_0131

Wrap the yarn around your hand, as thick as you’d like your fit to be. The more yarn the better, no such thing as too much. Cut when you’re happy with it.

Step TwoIMG_0139

Gently wiggle your hand out of the yarn, keeping the “O” shape you just made bunched together. Begin to wrap a piece of yarn around the fit. Tie into a knot then flip the fit to the other side and tie two more knots (this just helps keep the fit from falling apart.) Remember pull TIGHT as tight as you can or else the loops that you made will slide out. Cut the yarn you used to tie the knots when you’re done.

Step ThreeIMG_0144

Hold the fit by the side you’ve decided will be the head. Carefully cut the loops on the opposite end. (As you can see I had already cut my fit when I began to take pictures, but this is an example.)

Step Four (Optional)IMG_0140

Add a cute little bow! Obviously this step isn’t necessary but I do think it adds to the cuteness factor. Plus it adds extra support.

Step FiveIMG_0147

Glue on some googly eyes and bring your little fit to life.

Step Six

I’m a little fit!

I am here to help you

so please don’t despair.

When your temper’s flaring

and you need a breath of air.

When your blood pressure is rising

and you’re mad as can get

Go ahead, just pick me up and


Write or print up the poem to go with your little fit! I stuck my fit into a clear goody bag and stapled the poem to the outside. I think it helped make a silly gift look more fancy and she could tell I spent time putting it together!

I hope you have fun making little fits to give to your friends and family! It’s such a silly little gift that I think everyone can appreciate and enjoy.


Happy Crafting!



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